The Imperial College Alumni Association of Hong Kong (ICAAHK) Scholarships are awarded annually to outstanding Hong Kong students who are commencing their first year of undergraduate degrees at Imperial College London. The ICAAHK Scholarships are funded by the ICAAHK Endowment Fund, raised by the donations of Imperial College alumni, this year, a total of up to 3 scholarships (HK$50,000 for each scholar) will be offered. All application forms should be submitted on or before 1 September 2017, and all shortlisted candidates will be notified to attend an interview on or before 6 September 2017. For the sharings of last year’s Scholarship awardees, please see below. The application form can be found here. Please follow all instructions in the form for completion and submission.

Your completed application form should be scanned, and sent by email to:

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The ICAAHK Scholarship Award Ceremony was successfully held on 13 September 2016.  We are delighted to have the following 3 scholars this year:

  • Cynthia Ho – MSci in Physics
  • Timothy Cheuk – MEng in Computing
  • Varalika Jain – BSci in Biological Science

Our Patrons Dr SL Chen and Prof SM Shen presented the scholarships of HK$50,000 to each of the scholars.

Previous Scholars:

Name Degree
Miss Cynthia Ho (2016) MSci (Physics)
Mr Timothy Cheuk (2016) MEng (Computing)
Miss Varalika Jain (2016) BSci (Biological Science)
Miss Amy Farrell (2015) MEng (Biomedical Engineering)
Miss Narumi Wong (2015) MEng (Chemical Engineering)
Mr Thomas Wong (2015) BSc (Mathematics)
Miss Dily Ong (2014) MSc (Physics)
Mr Rahim Leung (2014) MSc (Physics with Theoretical Physics)
Miss Regine Fan (2014) Msc (Mathematics)
Mr Kelvin Choi (2013) BSc (Physics)
Miss Bhavna Buxani (2013) BSc (Medicinal Chemistry)
Mr Nigvi Tam (2013) MEng (Aeronautical Engineering)
Miss Kwok Yu-Ting (2012) MEng (Earth Science and Engineering)
Miss Lorraine Choi (2012) MEng (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
Mr Mark Wong (2012) MEng (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Mr Matthew Murchie (2011) MEng (Biomedical Engineering)
Miss Janis Tam (2011) BSc (Biochemistry)
Miss Sheena Cheung (2011) MBBS/BSc
Miss Clarence Cheng (2010) BSc (Mathematics)
Mr Derek Mok (2010) BSc (Mathematics)
Miss Joan Ng (2010) BSc (Biology)
Miss Jacqueline Ho (2009) MEng (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Mr Jason Choi (2009) BSc (Mathematics)
Miss Connie Ng (2009) BSc (Mathematics)
Mr Scott Chan (2008) MEng (EEE with Management)
Miss Florence Chow (2008) MEng (Chemical Engineering)
Mr Calvin Lui (2008) MEng (Chemical Engineering)

Message from 2015 Scholars:

Amy Farrell (2015)

This past year has definitely been one of change and lots and lots of learning. The first thing I learnt is that moving to a new country is hard! Having visited London many times before I thought it would be simple to begin the year and get into a new routine. While London is a city just like Hong Kong, I found it was the little differences that made adjusting harder than I thought. These included no internet on the tube, a very flat horizon (no mountains), eating out being very expensive and most importantly, no 7-eleven! This taught me to have an even bigger appreciation of how important community is. Settling in would have been much harder without my amazing flatmates who have taught me to play basic guitar and ukulele, cook spaghetti bolognaise and introduced me to the wonders of Eurovision. They make me glad that I live in the new Woodward Halls, despite the 40 minute commute to South Kensington. Commuting has meant that I have to be more careful with my time, as the hour and a half each day traveling adds up. As someone who really enjoys sport, this has meant only joining one team; netball. I have really enjoyed playing matches all over London and Surrey as well as the Varsity competition.

On the academic side, my course is much broader than I was expecting, as we study everything from programming to cell biology to electrical engineering and mechanics. It is also very intense, starting at 9am every morning and not finishing until 6 most days. However, I have really enjoyed studying a subject that I am passionate about. The teaching staff are also very careful to make sure we can see the applications of everything that we study, which is especially helpful for the more dry courses! I have learnt so much this year, both in and out of the lecture hall, and hope to continue next year!

Thomas Wong (2015)

It was a fruitful year for me at Imperial. I have met many new friends and learnt a lot from the lecturers and other students.

Indeed, the course is challenging but it is really enjoyable since I have more free time to spend on the subject I like. Unlike studying at secondary schools, I have more time to read books on advanced topics in mathematics I like. With a great degree of freedom, learning becomes a much enjoyable activity. The greatest thing here is that you could spend any amount of time on mathematics as you like. The number of coursework for mathematics here is less than other departments so it is important for students to be self-motivating in learning. As a result, we have formed different study groups during revision to help each other prepare for exams. With a good learning environment, study becomes more efficient and I hope I can get good results in the summer exams.

Students at imperial come from all parts of the world and it is good to have the chance to understand the culture and history of other countries from your friends across the globe.

I participated in the weekly problem solving group throughout the term. It is an inspirational experience as we are given different problems in mathematics, such as combinatorics and number theory. We, as a group, solved many problems set by the lecturers.

Moreover, I have been given the opportunities to take part in undergraduate research opportunities program (UROP) this summer. It is great to take part in research and learn from the professors.

Imperial is a great place to study as it provides a wide range of opportunities for students to explore their interest and talents and I am really grateful to study here. I hope this wonderful experience could continue throughout the coming years.

The Scholarship Committee wants to emphasize that many more applicants would have been worthy to receive the scholarship had we had more funding. We would also like to thank all the ICAAHK Endowment Fund donors, especially the generous donors who donated specifically for this year’s Scholarship to meet the shortfall in income, which makes the availability of three scholarships possible.

The ICAAHK Scholarships are supported by income from the ICAAHK Endowment Fund.

Information about the ICAAHK Endowment Fund is described in the following: Imperial College Alumni Association Hong Kong Endowment Fund Brochure