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As a member of ICAAHK, you are a part of our local community that accesses the most exciting local events organised by ICAAHK and events jointly organised by ICAAHK and Imperial College London. 

ICAAHK Membership is open to all current students, graduates or past students who have completed a course of at least one academic year at Imperial College London.

Payment method

  • For application, please deposit the full payment to our HSBC account no. 062-831110-838 (account name: Imperial College Alumni Association of Hong Kong) and email a copy of the bank slip together with your application form to

  • Alternatively, you may send your application form together with a cross cheque payable to "Imperial College Alumni Association of Hong Kong" to Imperial College Alumni Association of Hong Kong, 4th Floor, TAL Building, 49 Austin Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

  • Online payment.

Once your application is approved by the ICAAHK Committee and payment is received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. For enquiry, please email us at For details of our upcoming events, please visit our website at and join our facebook group – Imperial College London (Hong Kong Alumni).

Please select your membership type (HK$)
  1. HKD 500 - Life Membership Subscription
  2. HKD 300 - Discounted life membership is only applicable to fresh graduates who graduated in the Year 2021 and applied on or before 31 December 2022.
  3. Free - Student/ Fresh Graduates Membership Subscription (for current students and fresh graduates only. Membership will expire one year after the date of graduation). Unselect membership type and proceed directly to checkout if you are choosing this option.
I understand that if I willfully give any false information, my membership will be terminated immediately and there will be no refund of any membership fees paid.

Thanks for supporting ICAAHK!Please click the below button to complete your payment if you are applying for Life Membership or discounted Life membership!

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