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Mentoring Programme

We are delighted to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of our Imperial College London Mentoring Programme. The Programme is in partnership among ICAAHK-ICPASS-ICCS. Since its  inception, the community has a professional pool of over 90 mentors and a cumulative 350 mentees and mentee-alumni.  Dedicated mentors are alumni of multiple disciplines, while mentees are undergraduate students from Hong Kong. 

Our Programme is focused on personal aspirations and career guidance unique to Hong Kong.  We meet in July for the Commencement/Opening Session and in January for the New Year’s High Tea. Individual mentor-mentee pairs are communicating in-person, via various media of their preferences and in small groups of common interests in Hong Kong and London. 

Many mentors and mentees are also friends. The earlier generations of mentees have graduated and some are active in the alumni association.  

Paulina Chan

ICL Mentoring Programme 

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