Our People
The ICAAHK Executive Committee is committed to serve the Imperial community in Hong Kong.   

Dear Fellow Alumni,

The Imperial College Alumni Association of Hong Kong (ICAAHK) has been one of the most active and thriving alumni associations in Hong Kong and around the world over the past decade. It is my privilege to serve ICAAHK and the IC alumni residing in Hong Kong. ICAAHK was established in 1982 by a group of ardent senior alumni residing in Hong Kong with the purpose of serving as the bridge of the alumni and Imperial College London as well as building up the alumni community in Hong Kong. We inherited the IC tradition and the spirit of the founding members of ICAAHK. To-date, we have more than 900 members graduated from different disciplines and across several generations, fathers and mothers went to the same university as their children. Members can participate in a wide range of activities, ranging from career talks, seminars, company visits to happy hour drinks, boat trips and hikings.

The objective of ICAAHK hasn’t changed since we were established, we aim to build a platform for the alumni residing in Hong Kong to interact and explore the possibilities to collaborate among themselves and with the college. ICAAHK also supports charitable events organized by the ICPASS and ICCS. The ICAAHK endowment fund sponsors 3 scholarship awards to outstanding students entering to Imperial College every year in recognition of their academic results, social awareness and skills to excel in the future.

With best wishes,

Winnie Tsoi

Chairlady, ICAAHK 2018-2020

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