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The ICAAHK Executive Committee is committed to serve the Imperial community in Hong Kong.   

Message from the Chairman​

2022-2024: Co-creating the local Imperial Community that you love

Dear fellow alumni, 

The Imperial College Alumni Association of Hong Kong (ICAAHK) exists to serve our alumni and our alma mater. The year, we are going to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the association - not just to look back and be thankful for what had been achieved in the few decades, but also to look forward to what the association can do to make the community a better place.

Many alumni I have spoken to are proud of the diversity of the ICAAHK community: the diversity of background, interests, career, and, life stages, but with one exception, our dedication to help the next generation of our alumni. 

Since 2022, we have a laser-focused vision to bring together our alumni at all generations to connecting with the society, alumni in Hong Kong and in Asia, the College back in London, and professional bodies for socalising and idea exchanges.

On the priorities, below are some status update for your information. As usual, we welcome your continued support through participation, provide feedback, or offer some suggestions how we can improve continually. 

1. Members' Activities and Benefits

  • We plan to resume physical events in Hong Kong, including but not limited to our annual boat party in summer, the ICAAHK scholarship in Sep, the first ever London Ball  & Joint-U Halloween Party in November, Christmas Party and Join-U Social Mixer in December, the bi-annual mentoring high tea, and the Finance and Crypto Seminar and our 40th ICAAHK Anniversary in Q1 2023;

  • With the diversified backgrounds across generations of our alumni in Hong Kong, we strive to arrange more events that fit your interests including social, academic, professional, and sports events. Please do not hesitate to inbox us to let us know your great ideas of potential activities; and

  • We plan to feed more updates and notifications via our website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and email newsletter.

2. Engagement of Key Stakeholders

  • Collaborating with various alumni associations of London Universities in Hong Kong in several years for activities, we agree to continue to co-organise some regular events including monthly happy-hour drinks and developing future plans together. We aspire to expand the collaborate with fellow UK and US alumni associations and please do not hesitate to reach out if your association share the same vision;

  • We are actively and regularly discussing with the College (the main campus and the Business School) in London as well as other alumni associations of Imperial College across the world about future collaborations, including virtual events and opportunities; and

  • Current students at Imperial will be the future of our local Imperial community, we are strengthening the ties and listening to what students would love to learn from their seniors.

3. "Call-for-Action": Co-create the ICAAHK that you love

  • Recruitment of new ICAAHK members and Co-opts members at all generations; and

  • More exciting activities are in the pipeline and please invite your peers, your co-workers, and your friends who graduated from Imperial to rejoin the community.

I hope you find the update useful and will see you at our events soon.

With Best Wishes,


Gary Leung

Chairman of ICAAHK, 2022-2024

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