Our People
The ICAAHK Executive Committee is committed to serve the Imperial community in Hong Kong.   

Message from the Chairlady​

2020-2021: Reconnecting with Alumni and the Society

ICAAHK has shaped my Imperial and post-Imperial expeditions in many positive ways – from being awarded the ICAAHK Endowment Fund scholarship 10 years ago, to finding my purpose and identity within the close-knit alumni community after graduation – I am keen for it to create the same value for my fellow alumni.


Every year, members from the Committee design exciting and engaging programmes for our members and guests. These activities range from networking events to technical visits, from mentoring programme to volunteering opportunities.

2020-2021 is a difficult year for many of us across all walks of life. As the world recovers from the global pandemic, we expect social distancing measures to stay for a little longer. Having said that, the Committee feels a more-than-ever urge to reconnect with our alumni and the society during this difficult time, to show mutual support unbounded by demographics or distance.

A series of events – both virtually and physically as appropriate – are planned for the coming year with a focus to rebuild connections, and to give back to the society. Stay tuned and we look forward to your continued support as always!

With Best Wishes,

Clarence Cheng

Chairlady of ICAAHK, 2020-2021