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Happy 40th Anniversary, ICAAHK!

ICAAHK was registered as a society exactly 40 years ago today! Since 1982, we have collectively seen and contributed to the development of the association from an idea, a vision, to now a community connecting 800 members coming from all walks of life, but sharing the same roots - as proud graduates from Imperial College London.

We are immensely grateful for the support from our alumni, our members, and our Executive Committees over the last 40 years. At ICAAHK, we pledge to continue serving our members and delivering our mission:

  • Strengthen Imperial ties;

  • Empower members; and

  • Promote social value creation

As we launch this 40th anniversary celebration online, let's take a walk down memory lane:

1982: Establishment of the Imperial College Alumni Association of Hong Kong

2007: ICAAHK Endowment Fund

2007: ICAAHK Centenary Gala Dinner

2013: ICAAHK Mentoring Programme in partnership with Imperial College students

This year, ICAAHK's theme is Celebrating Alumni Achievements, and we've introduced a new online campaign "Alumni of the Month" featuring interviews of Imperial alum across backgrounds and ages. Visit this page to read all the alumni stories!

Last but not the least, let us give a shout-out to the amazing ICAAHK Committee and Patrons, without which we wouldn't be enjoying the events and content that we have today. It has been a pleasure working with the diverse and talented team. Please stay tuned for upcoming events!

(This is just part of the amazing committee - we haven't been able to meet for a group photo since the pandemic 5th wave...)

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